What do you make for lunches when you’re too tired and only have 15 minutes?

It’s 7:00pm and you know when you get comfortable on the couch. You sink in and get ready to watch a movie and then BAM! You realize you haven’t made the lunches. You look in the fridge only to see meats that will take more than 20 minutes. So, what do I do? I make TACO SALAD without the taco’s.

I always have a packet of the spices on hand. Now, not sure if it’s good for you, but I can easily make the seasoning as well, but again…didn’t want to think to much and wanted easy.

What I had on hand to make it:

  • Ground beef
  • Seasoning
  • Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes

And BAM! Lunch for tomorrow with NO BAD CARBS. Talk about pretty good chef:)

taco salad without tacos

Lesson hear for me is always have something easy to make or else, it’s buying a very expensive sandwich from Subway and I’d rather eat my own food.

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