Swapping your winter tires to summer – Make sure to look in the bag!

Today is Saturday, April 8th and it’s a beautiful day, so Ma Man was going to swap the winter tires to the summer ones, when he pulled the tires out of the bag, he noticed that they looked the same as the winter ones. He wasn’t sure they were the right ones and asked me to come and see them, when I saw them I said “those are not my tires”.  He said to go check the receipts for when we bought the car as it had a photo on it. Well, I argued with him and said they didn’t give us a photo, but what he was referring to was the image from the Kijii ad.  I went upstairs and located my car file, which is another important lesson…have a file folder for each item that might need fixing i.e. car, mattress, furniture, taxes😊 so you know where it is if you need in the future.

I found the receipts and it had a picture of my beautiful rims that were originally on my car. My Man suggested I bring the tire they gave us and go to Canadian Tire and ask the Manager to see if they are in the back. So, I went..on a Saturday and…no manager. They asked I call him on Monday to discuss.

What happened before the confusion was that I bought winter tires from Costco and rims from Canadian Tire because Costco’s rims would only be available in 6 weeks and it was already snowing outside. So, I bought the rims from Canadian Tire, but they didn’t have time that day and I had to book another day the following week to go back. So a few days later, I go back with the new tires from Costco AND the new Rims I bought from Canadian Tire to have them installed and, put my summer ones in the car.

They said it would take 2 hours, not a problem. I made myself busy and it took less, which was good. So, I just assumed that my tires would be the ones I get back. After all, I came in with them, and wouldn’t the person working on my car and have everything beside them?

Well, fast forward to April 10th, today where I have to call the Canadian Tire store tire or parts manager and ask him where are my rims. The manager of service was Rick and he was very nice. He came to check on my tires and I explained to him that these are not my tires. Mine are sexy and I could stick my hands through them. These are not it. So, he got the technician to come out and he explained what they usually do when replacing tires. I explained what my tires looked like and I even produced the original pick that was sold with the car. Rick said he would look into it and get back to me in a few days to see what he could do.

He came back to me and said he checked out the year of my car and what rims come with the tire and they are the ones I have and they came with hub caps, but I didn’t have the hub caps. So, he said he would be willing to buy me hub caps. I was still not convinced, so I called the dealer I bought it from and they didn’t have the details on the tires. I also called Honda and the service guy said the rims that come with this make is steel rims, like Canadian Tire said. By the way, the guys at service are no longer friendly like they use to be. The guys use to be fun to talk to, now I feel like they don’t care about my issues. There’s a whole new bunch of guys and they are not as friendly as the old gang.

I then decided to try one more thing and call another used dealer of Honda’s and he said exactly what the other guys said, but also said they could have bought special rims, but doubts it because of the car, and I tend to agree with that.

So, I got home and told Ma Man about the research I did and he told me that there might be someone in the rafters of the garage. So, he went to check where the tires were and sure enough, 4 Honda hub caps were there. I called Rick at CT the next day and apologies and explained what we found, and he appreciated it. He also asked if I was going to come in to switch them and I said “hell no, I’m going to make Ma Man do it now because he lost them.lol”

People…lesson here, don’t give up and listen to what others tell you. After all, we all make mistakes. Do check to be sure you didn’t miss anything where you put your stuff away for winter, and….when you’re wrong, say you’re sorry NOT BY EMAIL!!! Call the person.

P.S. I am still not 100% convinced that those are my rims, but I can’t prove when they were changed because it was a few times and a few places that I used to change my tires, but now we are doing them ourselves because we have 2 sets of rims. We save $226.00 because I had to change my winters and then put my summers on and it costs $113 each time.

Has this happened to you? If so, what did you do?

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