My veggies and herbs get moldy after 2 days and how I made them last over a week


I am always trying to come up with healthy ways to eat because I have a sensitive stomach. OK OK I have Irrit


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wl Syndrome (IBS).  What that means is if I eat something that doesn’t agree with my stomach…I can

make people leave a room…he he. Because when I fart…yes I said fart…it stinks so bad. Sorry to all those who have had to experience this, but thanks for sticking aroun

d and still wanting to be in my life:)…lol

While I’m playing with new recipes, I buy lots of different fruits and veggies. However, sometimes I don’t feel like cooking and well, they don’t last and my food goes bad. This doesn’t help me with saving money, but I found something that states it will keep my food fresher longer.

It’s called Stay Fresh.

Stay fresh bagsI bought it at Giant Tiger for $1.99. I bought it a month ago, but now is the time to see if it works.  I am going to test the bags with herbs and veggies that I am buying this week and will take photos of them when i start.

I also found an article from CTV that talks about green bags. Check it out.

If you’ve tried the bags, please let me now in the comments below how it worked out and what did you do to ensure they stayed fresh.

Here’s to saving money and…having fun.




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