My Car needs a B1?

My car needs a B-1….Bingo! Wait, that’s not it. That’s a bingo call:)

What the heck’s a B1?

In a previous article, you read that I paid $100 for a pho soup, but it was actually for a parking ticket. Well, the update is I didn’t pay that. I fought the ticket and got it reduced to $50, but my day got worse when I brought the card to the mechanic.
A B1 is a car tune up that includes an oil change, tire rotation, 50 point break inspection. They tell me it’s going to be $223.yikes! Well, it has to be done, so I signed the paper. Yes, they make you sing the paper to show you agreed to the price.  Then ½ hour later the young guy comes back and had to get someone else to tell me the bad news that my breaks needed to be replaced. Now the total would be $800…Are you f…ing kidding me. I finally have enough savings to take a trip with the man and now this!!!
Funny car breaking down
I found this image doing a search on car breaking down. Sorry, don’t know the reference, but if you do, please send it to me so i can update.
Well, the employee was kind enough to offer me 10% off the bill, but that’s still a lot.
What’s the lesson here? Stop worrying about money, do some research before you agree to the bill, maintain the vehicle and be financially prepared that it will cost you $600 – 1200$ a year to maintain your car. So, START SAVINGS so there are no surprisesL I now need to work out a new plan to put that money back for our cruise trip. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.


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