I wasted time and money shopping online

“Winter is coming.” I love that saying from John Snow in Game of Thrones. It’s his voice and when I hear it I get chills because…well, winter is coming, which it is here in Ottawa. Which means time to switch summer tires to winter ones, but this year I was trying to find rims. It costs a lot when I need to switch them every season i.e. $80, but if I had the rims already installed on them, the dealer said it would be $40. I still think that’s high, but I can’t do it. I told my man about the cost and My ManJ said he could do it no problem. Woohoo, $40 saved every year. My plan was to look for used rims online for about $100, but people had their winter tires with them and were selling for $300. I tried to see if they would sell separately, but no go.  So, during the summer, the fall right up until now, I had been searching on line for 4 rims and I found a few, but because I don’t know what I’m looking for I asked the HONDA dealer what I needed to look for and they gave the rim size to be 195/65R/15. I had a feeling that buying fromt them would be expensive, so when I asked them how much it would cost for their rims, they said….$80 each PLUS taxes!!!  OMG, that was the cost of my tires, or pretty close. Well, that wasn’t going to happen. So, I kept looking online in places like Kijij, usedottawa, but I didn’t feel confident in going to buy them. I even found someone online named Pat who was looking for me, but he didn’t find any since the summer. Funny how I found a whole bunch, but he didn’t. Oh well, keep searching.  So, I waited and waited until….as John Snow said “winter is coming” and, and it hit. The first snow fall. NOW I had to rush to find them or else we were going to spend another $80 to install and then do it again the next year. NO THANKS! My Man said to look at Costco. He found them for about $53 each, but I still found that high. However, if I calculate all the time I spend searching online, when I could have just bought them and be done with it, I would have saved time and money I could have been making in my business. I caved and called Costco, but they said it would take 2 weeks just to get an appointment and I wasn’t allowed to book the appointment until I actually have the rims in my hand! Seriously!!! So, next option was Canadian Tire. Instead of calling, I went into the store because the snow was on the ground and I needed them NOW…today. Good new, they had 6 of them, so I bought 4 for $270 approximately, but they could only do the install on Wednesday. Well, 3 days from when I bought them is much better than 2 weeks for Costco.

Today is installation day, but there is a downfall from this. They said it will take a few hours. Oh boy, what am I going to do for 2 hours? I don’t really like to shop at crappy tire as I call it. However, there is a restaurant across the street where I can go and write and have a beverage. DONE!

Hurray! Tires are installed and look great, and now…no more needing to go to Canadian Tire. Oh ya, forgot to mention the problems I had with buying the rims and ensuring I get the 1 year warranty on them. Ya, I don’t want to ruin your day or mine. I’m just happy I got my winter tires and rims installed. Thank you Canadian Tire for being fast with booking dates and having my rims available at a reasonable price.


The lesson here is when you’re trying to save money, be sure you know what you’re doing. Ask someone who has experience with what you need. Don’t waste too much time trying to save $100 like I did. If you don’t know the answer, ASK! And….always ask for better price or deal on installation or whatever you’re looking for.

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