I want a new wardrobe, but how do I get one without spending money?

Are you like me and you have clothes that don’t fit, but you just don’t want to just give them up. After all, you did buy them. What about your office or home? Does it need a good cleaning too.  Well, I am in the process of clearing my clutter in my mind and house and while it’s suppose to make me feel better, it’s not. I have pardon the word “SHIT” all over the place and it’s driving me crazy.I read in Jack Canfields Success Principles book to go through every room in your house, identify what needs action and do one of these 4 things:

1-Do it…if it will only take you 10 minutes

2-Delegate it…if you don’t have time or don’t want to do it. (That’s most of my office stuff right now)

3-Delay it…if you need to do it, but don’t have time right now, create a folder for each month and put the action in each. Well, that doesn’t work for boxes..which are now sitting in my storage and my man is going to say something because my boxes are becoming more and more.

and finally…4-Dump it…if you are not going to do, read it, or it’s taking up space, give it away to a charity, a friend or business colleague.

So, that’s what I’m doing #3 and 4.  I have these lovely new clothes that I bought for my birthday in January but they don’t fit as too small. Lesson learned here, China’s population is likely shorter than 5’7, so don’t buy clothes from them, even if they are really cute, you will end up being disappointed and…spending money, NOT saving it.

I don’t want to just give them away, so my friend suggested I do consignment and I was going to, but she beat me to the thought. So, on my TO DO list this week was to take some photos and post them online, but also to contact 3 consignment stores and see what they are looking for.  I am scheduled to call them Wednesday night when my man leaves for a week. This will give me LOTS of time to organize, or so I hope:)

However, I also wanted to try to do something different. So, here’s an offer for you. If you or someone you know is in looking for some stylish fun spring clothes to create a positive vibe, I have all these lovely items that I am letting go to leave room for my new wardrobe. The only catch is you need to make me an offer. Whatever amount you feel is fare, I will likely accept because I believe it’s what you feel is fare and who am I to argue that. The items below are not all the items. I have at least 20 things. I have new shoes that are size 9, purses, dresses and tops. Email me at lafemmeottawa@gmail.com.


office white short top      same as off white tops

blue spring dress pink jacket Fergies shoes

The other way I am also playing with getting clothes for free is to ask the universe to help me receive a new wardrobe that is just my size whenever he feels I need them. This would be so cool if all of a sudden I got things like these outfits…woohoo!

bus dress  off white suit

All I can say is thank you universe for allowing me the opportunity to pay it forward to someone who will appreciate the items as much as I did.

Yours truly.


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