I thought I was Picaso – Painting I made with nail polish

I wrote one of my goals for 2017 was decorating our house for under $500. I bought a beautiful duvet comforter from Jysk and was trying to find a picture to go nice with it that was not too pricey, but I wasn’t having much luck. Then, someone suggested I tried painting one myself. I had been wanting to do that for a while. Ever since I went to the Paint night with my friend Patty. It was fun and not too complicated. The painting I drew that night turned out good for my first time. So, I did a search online for something that wasn’t too hard, when I came across Marbling with Nail Polish Tutorial by Carla Sonheim. It looked so easy and fun that I decided to I try it.
I spent $20 worth on supplies and was hoping it was going to look like her wonderful video. I bought a canvas in a frame, 4 new nail polish colors to represent the ones to match my duvet cover. I also bought paint brushes and water colours as I wanted to do another painting after. Well, it didn’t turn out even close to what Carla had on her video:(
The polish bubbled up on the canvas and when I tried to pop it, it made it worse. I tried to fix it by using water colour paint and made an even bigger mess.
What went wrong?
– did I use the wrong material? should it only be paper and not a canvas
– was it a specific nail polish? I bought what ever I saw that was under $2
– maybe it was because I did it the bathtub. You read that right. I didn’t have a big enough flat container to put the water in for my canvas that was 16×20, so I used the bathtub and it fit perfect. I think it was because the tub was too big that the paint couldn’t stick.
I don’t like it and was going to throw it out. Maybe I could get white paint and try again?​
What do you suggest I do?

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