I lost everythining on my computer!!!

blue screen

Has this happened to you? You’re working the night before on a story for your website or maybe you were surfing the net. You’re not thinking anything and go to bed only to wake up to your computer not working? Here’s my story of what happened last week. I got up on Saturday morning looking forward to write another story, but I need my coffee first. So, I poor myself a nice cup of coffee and when to my office to turn on the computer and…BAM!!! Blue screen of death. My computer died. I tried to reboot it SEVERAL times, but it wouldn’t start up. I unplugged it as that was one of the words I think it said on the screen before it really died, and still no change.  When the computer does come back on the words on the screen say “unmountable boot volume”. What’s going on. I just got the screen replaced the week before because I somehow dropped it and it cracked. By the way, you can easily replace the screen yourself once you buy a new one from a computer store. Save yourself $100 on installation fees.

OK, so what does “unmountable boot volume” mean? Lucky for me I had my cell phone with internet. I did a Google search with those words and it said all sorts of techy stuff, but what I did understand was that my hard rived or RAM might be bad. WTF!!! My computer is only 3 years old. All my pictures are on it, along with my new stories I’ve been writing and…business documents:(. This really stinks.

I call my techy friend Mark who says he can download Windows for me, but it will take a while.  So, I was without a computer for a week. Now I have access to a computer at work and can write stories there, but I wanted my computer back. So, when my man got back from the trailer, I asked if he could look at it.  My man has technical skills, but he tells me that he may not be able to retrieve my files. Whaaaat:( I need those files. I worked hard on them. I don’t remember what I wrote. Well, he tried everything and my hard drive is dead. It’s gone to heaven. I am not happy with TOSHIBA because of this, and I will be writing to them about it and hopefully they will give me another drive, but it’s my stories, pictures and contracts. They’re are all gone!

I’ve learned my lesson from this…BACK UP EVERYTHING onto an external drive or USB stick that looks like this.

USBI am back in business with a loaner computer and will need to get a new drive, but at least I can write my stories again.

If you are anything like me, you don’t always back up your information outside the computer. You say you’ll do it and then you do other things and forget about it…months go by and when you really need your files…your computer dies and no one can fix it.



Here’s my advice to you.

  • create a main folder and label it with a date of today. For example: Tina – Aug 16 2016.
  • copy all your files you have on your desktop and C or D drive into that folder
  • Take that copy and copy it again on to a USB drive that has the capacity of at least 20 GIG.
  • every month schedule it to do a backup. Please put it in your calendar to do it or else you won’t do it.
  • copy the folder you created and save it with today’s date.

Good luck and I truly hope you never experience this.


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