How to get stuff done when you have too many things to do

How to get stuff done when you have too many things to do

Are you feeling that you have so much to do, but not enough time? You have a full-time job and you are trying to run a part-time business. Maybe you have a family and you need to help with homework, or you have to get dinner ready. And let’s not forget house cleaning, and getting groceries. YOU JUST CAN’T DO IT ALL! Or can you? If you can, you are SUPERWOMAN and I bow to you. But for those who are like me and can’t, here’s my suggestion to help you get through it.

STOP! Take a breath. Breathe in and out sloooooowly. I know you feel like you don’t have time to slow down, but ask yourself this “do I feel like I’m getting things done or just too tired to do anything?”  So again, I am asking you to Breath in deep and breath out sloooooowly. turtleDo like the turtle at my cottage does..walks like no one is in a hurray. So, you have to go around him, but I stop and smile at him because it’s a reminder to me too. Now, we can talk.

I know exactly how you feel because that’s what my life feels like. I get up early, drop off my husband at work and drive myself to work. I get there just in time. So, already feel stressed and rushed.  When I get to my desk, I log into my computer only to see 20+ emails. Arrrrrg. I want to go back home and hide under the covers for the rest of the day. Then, there’s my health. I need to make time to do exercise, but the weather is not that great outside, and the gym at noon is packed, so I don’t do. By this time, it’s close to end of day for my full-time job. I have to go pick up my husband at his office, then drive home. I have no energy or excitement because I’m exhausted. We get home and I have to prep for dinner and then there’s laundry, which he usually does, thank God for him doing that. He also does help with dinner too. I get dinner ready, we eat and now it’s clean up time. So, by the time this is done, it’s 6:30-7:00pm. Now, I have to come up with time for my part-time business. I need to update my website with a new post, then I have to research other bloggers. I manage to write a post, but here goes 2 hours. It’s 9:00pm and I’m done. The website can wait, the laundry in the drier is still sitting there. I’m going to bed. Oh, wait, is it’s Tuesday, I have to go play volleyball at 9:00pm. Shoot, I don’t have the energy.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone. Running a part-time business while working full-time and trying to have a life is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be that much work.  I am going to show you how I manage to get 3 things done a day that helps my health, my relationship and…my part-time business.

Step 1 – Write down your goals for the next year up to 5 years.

Write out on a piece of paper what my goals are for the next year. I prefer tangible things like paper because I read it every day, but you can use an app.  I like to put big picture of what I want on a vision board. If you don’t know what a vision board is, check out my blog on “How to make your dreams a reality”.


  • #1 Get in shape in a way that’s fun
  • #2 Spend time with my man that’s fun
  • #3 Grow my business doing something that’s fun or interesting

With these 3 goals for the next year, I come up with 3 things I can do daily to get me closer. You need be realistic with your goals. You only have so much time in a day.

Step 2 – list 1 thing I can do for each goal and complete them before I go to bed

  • #1 Get in shape in a way that’s fun
    • Drink 3 litres of water a day.
  • #2 Spend time with my man that’s fun
    • Plan a fun date for this weekend
  • #3 Grow my business doing something that’s fun or interesting
    • Find a theme that I can manage and looks professional


Step 3 – Take action on the 3 things and complete them before I go to bed

  • How will I ensure I drink 3 litres of water a day?
    • Download a water app to remind me to drink my water. Every time the app reminder goes off, I laugh because it’s the sound of water being poured, and I think it’s funny. Once I stop laughing I drink the water. I do this every day. I also track it in the app.
  • Where can I go to find fun date for this weekend?
    • Google of course. I search for date ideas for couples. As soon as I have a few fun ones, I bring it to him to see which one he likes the best and we go with that one. Remember, I picked them first so I like all of them. As it turns out, this week we are going to see Garth Brooks concern. He bought me that for my birthday:)
  • Where can I find a website theme that I can manage and looks professional?
    • I need to decide what I want my website to be able to do first before I chose the theme/template. I decide that it needs 5 pages, blogging capabilities, calendar, accept payment (or do I need that?) and have ecommerce function to be able to sell things.
    • Look at has themes that aren’t that much work, as well as

And that’s it! That is the only thing I am committing to do today. There’s a quote that says “Don’t try to overhaul your life overnight. Instead, focus on making one small change at a time. Over time, those small changes will add up to big transformation.”

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