Great deals for t-shirts to promote your business or sell them?

I was searching to find deals for business cards other than Vistaprint, even though they have AMAZING deal for $10 you get 500 business cards, when I came across a deal for t-shirts. I was surprised because it brought me to Kijiji and there was NO business cards, but what there was are t-shirts for $6.99!


I was thinking of getting shirts made for when I speak at an event and want to have it as a give away. I think they would be great to give away or if people want to buy them as well. This company has many great benefits…

  1. they are local in Ottawa
  2. they offer Free shipping, even in Ottawa
  3. the minimum shirt order is $24 for….$6.99 each, and…they go down more if you buy more
  4. they can help you build a logo or do it for you, but they didn’t say the price

The company is called Ottawa Custome Clothing. Here’s where I found the deal for $6.99 t-shirts on Kijiji. If you do use their service, please write in the comments below what you thought of them and…attach a photo of what you got done.

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