Goal #7 Declutter – purging…starting with my closets

February is purging month, OK maybe March too because I have soooo much stuff.  The reason I started this goal was because of the book I’m reading called “The Happiness Project” by Grethchen Rubin. If you haven’t read it, you really need to get it. She’s got some great advice for each month. She talks about each project using herself and her family as the examples. I am loving it. In her book, January is the energy boosting month and one of the ways to do that is to declutter your space. If you want to buy it for cheaper, go to Amazon.ca and buy it used. After all, it’s not something you’re going to treasure forever. So, save your money and get it used.

Do you know what purging means?  For some, it may mean puking up what you just ate, but that’s not what I am talking about. I’m referring to getting rid of things you either no longer use, or are holding on to because it might come back, or because you spent money on it. That’s totally me! Holding on to it because I paid money, but the problem with that is it’s taking up space and making me angry because it’s just sitting there.

I tried to search out how to declutter or purge with easy steps, but I wasn’t able to find anyone online in Ottawa who had articles on how to do it. I really don’t want to pull from the US websites, not because they aren’t great, which they are, but because I am trying to keep it local.  However, I did find a news articles from the Ottawa Citizen that talks about a few steps here http://www.ctvnews.ca/declutter-your-home-in-2015-1.2172461

To sum out how I started. I wrote a previous article on decluttering every room, but today I am focusing on clothes. So, here are my steps. Please feel free to use them as you wish.

Step 1 – Go through each closest and pull out items.

Man, that was tough because I have 3 closets. Hey, I am a woman after all and I need space to put all my stuff.

From here, I have to go through each item and if I haven’t worn it in a year, I have to either sell or donate. However, this doesn’t include fancy clothes that you only wear once a year. This includes items with tags still on them. Ah, that’s sooo not me. As soon as I buy something I want to use it right away.lol

 Step 2 – Get 3 bins, boxes or bags and label them as Sell, Donate or Give away

Those items you can sell, put them in the Sell. The ones you want to give to a charity that are in good condition, put in the Donate pile, and the others will go in the Give away pile. I was surprised at how much stuff I have. No I wasn’t. I knew I had lots, but I wasn’t ready to give it away. However, now I am.

Now comes the fun part, start removing items and putting them in the boxes. I bought blue bins from Canadian Tire, but Amazon has them as well.This is what my selling bin looks like. I kept things on hangers so that when I


You may need to call a friend because you may not have the willpower to do what you said you’d do.

One by one, I looked at the items, tried some of them on and then decided if I keep, put it in a pile on the bed. Otherwise, I threw it in the bin to sell or donate. For me, donate and give away was the same pile. Once you’re done, now you need to prepare to drop it off.

Step 3 – Drop off Sell, Donate items to charity

I like to sell my stuff at consignment stores, online with Kijiji, and I am going to try eBay to see, but if you’re not patient, just bring to a consignment store and have them deal with it. I used a few but the one I like the most in Ottawa is Second Glance. The owner is Paula Norton and is really sweet. If you do go there, please tell her I sent you.

For the donated ones, I like to donate to women’s organizations like the Elizabeth Fry Society, but there are many organizations that are always looking for your support. Ask your community, your church or colleagues at work. They will definitely know of some.

This is what my closet looks like now. I am super pleased. OK, it needs to be sorted, but from what was there before, it’s so much better.

And that’s it. Now, it’s time to work on the drawers. Ya, well, I’m going to save that for another day. Right now, I’m going to celebrate and have a beer. After all, I worked hard.

 Where to get professionals to help me?

There are companies in Ottawa that can do the work for you, but I don’t know any personally and don’t want to put a name down, just in case they are not what you are looking for. I did however like one online because they do A LOT, including house cleaning and party clean up as well as bartending. Talk about all in one. They’re called Rent A Wife – www.rent-a-wife-ottawa.com.

There’s also a professional association for them called Ottawa chapter of the Professional Organizers in Canada at organizersincanada.com..


NOTE: If you’re a professional organizer or know of one in Ottawa, can you please ask them to put an article on their website for simple instructions on how to declutter and send me the link. This will help them get more clients because once people see the amount of work it takes, they will likely hire themJ. I chose to do my own declutter because I like doing it.

Happy decluttering.

Tina @ lafemmeottawa.com

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