Goal #5 – Exercise – There’s a buzzing in my mid upper back

I have been getting buzzing in the right side of my back. It’s like when your hand goes numb when you sleep on it. I would get this buzzing in my back when I played volleyball and dove on the ground because I would push my bones in a way they weren’t supposed to go, but I haven’t played volleyball in 2 months. So, why am I getting the buzzing? Maybe it’s my new workout routine. I started running again, indoors of course. Sorry, but it’s too cold and slippery to run outside. I haven’t ran in over a year because it hurt my knees, but with the new workouts, I’m hoping to rectify that. So, in the meantime, I am running on my “Tonka truck” treadmill as I like to call it at my gym Movati. I go to the one at the trainyards in Ottawa. I’ve heard bad press about them, but I like them. It’s got great yoga classes. I have tried a few and the ones I like are the Hot Yoga, and the Yin Yang.

The one instructor I like is Rebecca. She helps you with your poses, however she watches you rather than doing the stretches and suffer like the rest of us;)  OK, she told me she teaches quite a few classes in a day, so she can’t do all the poses for all the classes. I’ll give her a break because she’s nice and I like her classes;). She also uses different music during her class, which I like as well. Not the meditative ones. Here a pic of Rebecca after my first hot yoga class with her. Notice she’s not sweaty.lol

Part of my new workout routine is running, but I haven’t ran in so long that I wasn’t ready to just run 5K. So I went back into my phone and found the program I used a few years back. It’s the Couch to 5K app and really does get you ready for a 5K run.

The other thing I needed was a strength training program to help strengthen my knees to ensure no more pain. I got a few exercises from the trainers at the gym, but no set routing. I wish that was the one thing they offered at the gym with your membership i.e. a 20 minute strength training workout. They have personal trainers there, but I don’t need them as I am good at committing to doing my workouts. As well, the prices are…well..way over priced or at least over my budget. It would be the cost of paying for 2 vacations down south.

So, I had to find a weight training program and man oh man, was it tough. I was having trouble with finding a strength training program online that included body weight and free weights or equipment and…I found one, finally. It’s from Bodybuilding.com and it looks like it’s exactly what I need.

However, I also need something for my mid buzzing in my back and found this link from IDFA to help strengthen my rhomboids.

I know the links are from body building but they are the same muscles that we all use, but I will just work it a lot less then the body builders do.

Here’s a pick I had taken in December 2016. I don’t feel I look like this picture, but it’s at least something to start with.

Today’s Date: Saturday, January 7, 2017

Current weight: 168 lbs. Yikes!!! I didn’t think I weighed that much, but I am not worried about the weight but rather how my clothes fit and my body aches.

Inches? I’ll take those and add them.

I will keep track of my weight, my inches and report back each month on my progress. I plan to try different things each month to see if there’s a difference. This month is getting 3 days of exercise in each week no matter what. So far so good. The other thing we are doing is reducing carb intake i.e. no bread, no pasta/rice and no alcohol. YA, I don’t think so. I will reduce what I eat and drink, but I am looking for changes not torture.

See you in 30 days on Saturday, February 7th with my progress.

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