Goal #3 – Make $1,000 a month with my business

Goal #3 – Make $1,000 a month with my business

So you might be asking, “Tina, how are you going to make $1,000 a month with a blog”? That’s a very good question.  The truth is I don’t know if I will make $1k a month with my blog, but I am sure going to try because I love writing my stories about my experiments or experiences. Speaking of which, some of you know but for those who don’t I wrote a book in 2014 about renting your cottage out and making a profit. It was a self published and I am super proud of it, thanks to my old friend Katrina Moy who helped me rewrite it over 90 TIMES! Well, it finally paid off. I received a check from Amazon for……$107.00! I couldn’t believe it. I finally got paid for all that effort.

It was an amazing feeling. At first I thought it was a scam because the check came in an envelope with nothing by amazon.com and some other name (sorry, throughout the envelope), but I saw the amounts and they looked like it was for book purchases. So I went to my account on Create Space and low and behold, there’s a balance on there showing they sent me a check. I know it’s not much, but I didn’t have to do anything to sell these books. Other people sold them for me. It was also since 2014 that the purchases were done, but I think they only pay out after $100 I think, which is fine as this money is going back into the business anyways.

The other ways I plan to make money with my business through affiliate adds, selling products I like such as inspirational quote jewelry serenity prayer bracelet, writing more instructional books, teaching online workshops on things I’ve learned and to help make it easier for people so they don’t have to learn the hard way like I did. And last but not least, to speak at events about my business and life experiences. I want to show women especially that even though you had a few bad breaks, don’t give up. Keep trying because that is the only way things will change. Tony Robbins gives a good example during one of his training seminars. It goes something like this,  if you had a child and they were learning to walk, but they kept falling down, would you give up on them? NO! You would encourage them to keep trying. Well, that’s what you need to do. Keep trying. If you fall down, pick yourself back up and do it again, and again. If you need a pep talk every once in a while, I got your back. Just email or call and I will try to help you see whats waiting for you when you “try just one more time”.

If you want to learn and see if in fact I’m successful with my blog, sign up for my newsletter that I send out every 2 weeks. I talk about ways to save money, make money, getting fit, recipes I’ve tried and of course….having fun on dates with Ma Man and doing fun things with friends, but shhhh, don’t tell him I write about our dates. He doesn’t like it, but I do:).

Have a fabulous day and if you have other suggestions on ways I could make $1k a month, please share in the comments below.

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