Do you have a list of things you want to do before you die?

I’ve been reading Jack Canfield’s book The Success PrinciplesHow to get from where you are to where you want to be. One of the activities he ask you to do is to write out a list of 101  goals you want to accomplish before you die. At first I thought it was fun because I love writing lists, but then I got stumped. I think I got to 53 and then nothing. No more fun ideas came. So, I put it asside and asked my mastermind group, which is only 1 person and myself, what he put on his list. This helped get the juices flowing again and I managed to come up with 123.

Here’s what I plan do to before I die. Now, I need to warn you because there’s one on the list that I had to remove because it’s rated R for adults.

  1. Written weekly blog that describe my life and how I achieved and had fun
  2. Go on 365 fun dates with the Man
  3. Go on a fun cruise ship vacation with great food and lots of ports to visit
  4. Ride in a Hot air balloon
  5. Build a storage or small cottage using free pallets
  6. Buy an investment cottage paid in full
  7. Scuba Dive in the ocean and find treasure
  8. Celebrate my 10 year anniversary (year 2021) with the Man with family/friends that is so much fun doing games, eating, laughing
  9. Take part in a New Years Eve scavenger hunt
  10. Attend my high school reunion in 2020
  11. Go portaging
  12. Move into a beautiful 3 bedroom beautifully decorated and very cozy home with a basement and garage for the Man and an office for my business.
  13. Go horseback riding with friends and loving the ride and the air
  14. Go see a US football game
  15. Travel to Italy, ride the gondola and eat real pizza
  16. Travel to Greece, eat greek food and swim in the crystal water and sit on the edge of mountain looking out
  17. Travel to Thailand – eat, meditate and ride the boat and ride an elephant
  18. Travel to India – meditate and take a yoga class
  19. Travel to Las Vegas to people watch and go and see Cirque du soleil
  20. Travel to Nashville to listen to country bands like Garth Brooks, Tim Magraw
  21. Travel to San Francisco and ride the trolley
  22. REMOVED, but still on my person list to do…RATED R
  23. Go see a live circus

    Photo by Becky Phan
  24. Do a weekend camping trip where you sleep outside and ride horses all day
  25. Go zip lining and scream “I love my life”
  26. Learn to surf
  27. Take part in a polar bear dunk
  28. Attend a drum camp with Camp Ocanto (
  29. Attend an Eco Expo and learn and be open (
  30. Take a bar/ballet class (
  31. Make a pattern and sew a beautiful dress to wear anytime
  32. Go see the Summer Olympics in a foreign country and explore the culture

  1. Have my body painted made to look like I’m wearing clothes
  2. Host a dinner party for friends, family and business partners to say thank you for being part of our life and supporting me along the way.
  3. Perform in a play that helps women take charge of their future and laugh watching it
  4. Take my best friends on a girls get away where we get massage, do yoga and eat amazing food and meditate.
  5. Ride an elephant
  6. Experience floating in space
  7. Do Stand up paddle
  8. Be a comedian at a comedy show
  9. Be a contestant on a game show
  10. Spend time with my fun girls at a getaway every year
  11. Organise a fun night of games and invite the neighbours, friends of friends, business women
  12. Send a personal card to a different friend every month to say thanks for being my friend and wishing them everything they dream of for the new year
  13. Send a personal card to a military personnel who needs to know that he is thought of by strangers
  14. Get up close to see an alligator in Florida, Louisiana, New Orleans, Dallas, and/or Alabama
  15. Go hand gliding
  16. Written an inspiration book that helps thousands of people change their life
  17. Have a plaque for being recognized for helping someone or an organization in my community
  18. Have 100 of my stories published in newspapers, magazines, and other author books where I am credited
  19. Make $1 Million dollars in 1 year
  20. Host a recognition-awards night for small part-time business owners to show off their accomplishments.
  21. Speak at 100 events, workshops or anywhere else they will have me
  22. Speak to an audience of over 1,000 people where I’m having and people are laughing and enjoying my speech
  23. Create a business that helps other less fortunate women learn to start their own business
  24. See Tony Robbins live and do the fire walk
  25. See Jack Canfield live
  26. Join a mentoring group with women who are doing work they love that gives them over $100,000 a year and learn from them
  27. Create a mobile app that keeps you in check with your goals and gives you suggestions on ways to keep going, inspiration, actions and a plan
  28. Write over 50 best selling books
  29. Have over 100 companies calling me to speak at their events. I’m a well sought out speaker
  30. Teach monthly workshops that I get paid very well
  31. Be a teacher/facilitator at workshops across the world that pay me and my expenses
  32. Interview experts on my radio/podcast show
  33. I’m a successful author having written over 100 best selling books
  34. I’m interviewed my kind journalists who believe in self development
  35. Created inspiring videos
  36. Speak at TedTalk about my life and inspire people to keep going
  37. Invest in other small businesses
  38. Buy a new trailer with an add-a-room and an patio to sit outside
  39. Make $100,000 + a year doing things I love
  40. Get a free membership at a gym that’s close to home
  41. Earning $5,000 a month coming in through residual income and use part of it for business and part for fun with life.
  42. Have $1 million in savings for retirement at 55 years old
  43. Read 100 self-help books
  44. Read 100 marketing books
  45. Take self-esteem classes or get counseling to help heal my past and release my insecurities
  46. Make a memory book of everything I have done over a life time ie. Serge, family, friends, body image, stuff…anything
  47. Beak a world record
  48. Get a meaningful tattoo that shows how far I’ve come and loving life
  49. Paint beautiful images to hang in our new home on the lake
  50. Create a calendar or journal with beautiful, inspirational, motivational and action quotes
  51. Get a professional modelling portfolio done (make up, hair, clothing)
  52. Take part in a fun fashion show
  53. Complete a Tri-tri marathon for my 50th birthday
  54. Read 1,000 books
  55. Learn to teach yoga
  56. Drink only on the weekends
  57. Learn to belly dance
  58. Learn to play piano
  59. Learn to play sax
  60. Play a musical instrument at a concert
  61. Learn to scuba dive
  62. Sing a country song for a live audience
  63. Read each religion of each country
  64. Meet Pro beach men and women volleyball players and ask them about what makes them still play and the training they do and how to avoid back and shoulder injuries
  65. Run a 1/2 marathon by the age of 50
  66. Take part in a fun fitness competition
  67. Write a country song that inspires people
  68. Pay for an all-inclusive trip for Brian, Rachel
  69. Learn to read faster
  70. Learn how to memorize
  71. Get a massage every week though barter exchange
  72. Hire a coach that is making $100,000 doing what I want to do
  73. Live in a warm, safe (free of crime) climate where they speak English, are friendly and willing to help me grow my business
  74. Speak at 50+ women’s event and inspire them/motivate them with my stories to believe they can have their dreams too
  75. Have my fortune read by a clairvoyant
  76. Meet Oprah Winfrey and say thank you for all her stories and the wonderful speakers she brings on her show
  77. Be on Oprah’s show and Steve Harvey and thank them for introducing my book to the world
  78. Meet Brene Brown and thank her for being vulnerable and telling us it’s ok to be
  79. Meet Lisa Nichols and thank her for changing the path for the rest of us
  80. Build a bench with cushion for our bedroom or closet
  81. Knit a hat, scarf and mittens
  82. Get free tickets to Watch the Harlem Globe Trotters
  83. Be a model in a fun fashion show
  84. Own a beautiful wardrobe that is professional and casual at the same time
  85. Have my own name on designer clothes that are affordable and fun
  86. Block like a machine and love it
  87. Get my degree in psychology
  88. Get my degree in nutrition/dietician/fitness training
  89. Take a home staging course
  90. Decorate our home with beautiful furniture, art and pieces we found along our adventures
  91. Black belt in martial arts
  92. Traveled all over the world after we retire from government staying in places with friends and business friends we met along the way and not pay a cent!

What’s on your bucket list that’s not here. Please share as I am always looking to add to it.

NOTE: I would be flattered if you wanted to copy my list, but all I ask is that if you post it on your own blog that you reference where you got it from and use my original link. Thanks so so much.

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