Discover my lifes purpose – Day 1

OK, so it’s Day 1, November 19, 2016 and I found a woman online who’s name is Suzanne Adam and she has a few questions that I need to ask myself to help me find my life’s purpose.Once I asked the questions, I am to sit quietly and ask my higher self to give me an answer in a way that would KNOCK me on the head so that I would completely understand. That’s the problem right now. My higher self is the problem, or so I think. My head is in the way!

Here are the questions:

1. What do I love to do?

2. What brings me joy?

3. What comes naturally and easy to me?

4. What is my life purpose?


OK, so lets see what my higher self answers.

Question #1 – What do I love to do?

Eat, drink, travel down south, help people find answers to their problems, hang out with fun friends, sit in a hot tub, play volleyball, make my man happy.

Question #2 – What brings me joy?

All the things I said above.

Question #3 – What comes naturally and easy to me?

finding information online, talking to strangers, writing about whatever I want.

Question #4 – What is my life purpose?

Helllooooo? That’s what I was hoping you would answer. I DON’T KNOW! OK, so those questions didn’t work. However, she sent me a meditation audio. I’m going to try it and let you know how it goes.

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