Dates…I don’t have time for that

Does your day look like this….

You’re a mom or dad, or you have a partner you have to get the kids ready, make the lunches, you have to start the laundry before your day starts, make the beds, clean the dishes, vacuum or clean the house…and you have to go to a job where you work full time, and trying to find time in between to kiss your partner or make you know what loooove:)

You’re exhausted right? Well, I don’t have kids, so I am not as exhausted, but I’m already exhausted, but I have a different life. Here’s my day: Make coffee, prep lunches for us, read meal ideas, read training for business that I run, , write articles for blog, try to be intimate, watch tv because that’s all I have the energy to give.

Well, if you either of these, you really need a date night with your partner.

A few years back I was in a different relationship and it was getting boring. All we did was eat and watch TV. We had nothing in common. I didn’t know more about him than I did when we first started dating. So, I swore to myself that this would not happen again. I would learn more about my Man even if it was things I didn’t want to know, but I am so glad I did. We have a strong relationship and have our time together and time alone to do things we enjoy. He took up hunting…yikes. I don’t think you want to see me with a gun if I don’t get what I want…lol…JUST kidding.

Here’s a list of date ideas I have accumulated over the years that I have done and plan to try with him.

Take note, dome are rated PG, so don’t share with someone under the age of

  1. Minute to win it games – search online for ideas…there are soooo many
  2. Bringing sex back – check out for fun games to play in bed
  3. Soak in an outdoor hot tub at Nordik spa
  4. Attend a professional or college/local sports teamsnorkeling
  5. Dance in the living room with candles all around you
  6. Borrow a camcorder and make a mini-movie of the 2 of you
  7. Hike through your local neighborhood, or better yet places like Gatineau park
  8. Rearrange the furniture in the house for fun- look at fung shuei
  9. Plan a 5k or 10k run
  10. Go snorkeling at the local beach or at a cottage
  11. Do a facial on each other or go get them done together
  12. Go to a casino
  13. Do a crossword or words across – I’m not very good at these games
  14. Throw a party
  15. Go Trampolining
  16. Go to gatineau park
  17. Sing a duet at a talent contest or karoke
  18. Rock out in a mosh pit at a concert – if you’re crazy…I’m outJ
  19. Assemble IKEA furniture – come on…who doesn’t like to assemble furniture
  20. Ride a mechanical bull – now you’re talking
  21. Kiss each other 365 times
  22. Go berry picking
  23. Go to the gym and get fit together
  24. Scuba diving lessons
  25. Plan a scavenger hunt for each other
  26. Make each other love coupons that get you things you want i.e. Massage, kisses, dinner made
  27. Wake up and watch the sunrise together
  28. Light all the candles and listen to music while snuggling or dancing around naked
  29. Go check out items for sale in storage places
  30. Check out an auction – even bid on a few items!
  31. Play Charades
  32. Go to a carnival or theme park and go on the rides together
  33. See the horses at the race track
  34. Have fun browsing at a book or magazine store
  35. Throw pennies in a fountain and make a wish
  36. Learn about the history of your home town, and share it with each other
  37. Go for a road trip
  38. Take an improve class together
  39. Spend a night at the theatre
  40. Make your own chocolate and strawberries and feed each other
  41. Make and play your own version of The Dating Game’
  42. Tell stories around a camp fire, and roast marshmallows
  43. Go on a horse-drawn carriage ride
  44. Go on a sleigh ride
  45. Bird watching – ya I hear them every day and I wish I could shush them
  46. Surprise him/her with a romantic fondue
  47. Plan a poker night for couples
  48. Give them the day off and do whatever they want
  49. Go canoeing or paddle boating or the new one stand up paddle
  50. Can’t decide where to go for a day trip? Stick a pin in a map, and explore!
  51. Hunt for chocolate or fun things at Easter
  52. Go on all inclusive trip where they do everything for you…I do this every year and LOVE IT!
  53. Go on a haunted walk
  54. Try a game of darts
  55. Go horseback riding
  56. Name a star or constellation after your date
  57. Phone a radio station and send out a dedication – now that’s sweet
  58. Visit a Hallmark card shop and buy them a card
  59. Go to a trade show
  60. Leave a trail of clues throughout their apartment/house that lead them to you
  61. Go to the Ottawa fairground
  62. Learn to play an instrument together
  63. Try ‘Open Mike’ night (absolute comedy)
  64. Try camping together – lest see how long you last when the bugs are eating at your flesh!
  65. Take a winery or beer tour
  66. Knit him/her a scarf or sweater
  67. Rent motorcycles together
  68. Get a map of the world and decide where you would like to travel, and look online for images to add to the map and then start planning this great trip.
  69. Search for groundhogs on Feb 2nd
  70. Frisbee in the park
  71. Volleyball in the park
  72. Go throw a ball around
  73. Winter ice sailing or surfing
  74. Go ice skating together (indoor or out)
  75. check out local art or museum
  76. Plan a special theme night & menu where you make the food and watch a movie in that theme
  77. Darts at a pub (O’brian’s or Ottawa Legions)
  78. Go skiing or snowboarding
  79. Be a tourist in your own city. Look online for a map and see the sights
  80. Learn a new language together
  81. Play board games
  82. Rent a 2 seated bike
  83. Go do target shooting at RA Centre
  84. Take a long walk on the local beach and hold each other hand. Not recommended in winter!
  85. Attend a music festival
  86. Get a massage (Algonquin has student massage that costs $30 approx)
  87. Throw a Cocktail and hoeur d’euvre Party with friends. They help you feel alive
  88. Go to the NEW Farmer’s Market at landsdown or parkdale
  89. Go bowling! Be careful you don’t get your finger stuck in the ball like I didL
  90. Volunteer at a local charity event
  91. Go tubbing
  92. Go down water slides
  93. Check out your local museum
  94. Make a meal together and take your time, have a glass of wine or what ever you drink, have your favorite much playing and just enjoy
  95. Take a painting/drawing class
  96. Go on a hot-air balloon ride. I’m still trying to find a deal on this because…it’s expensive.
  97. Go go-karting. OMG, Kingston has a great place that is super cheap $16 for 10 rounds. I stopped at 9 because I was getting soreJ
  98. Attend a wine or beer tasting event
  99. Try Indoor golf simulator
  100. Go to garage sales
  101. Try archery (RA Centre)
  102. Try a new international restaurant – Japanese is fun, Egyptian you eat with your hands, Caribbean has great music
  103. Take a ride on the O-Train from one end of the city to the other
  104. Go to the zoo
  105. Fly a kite
  106. Attend a Charity Gala or Ball
  107. Try yoga or stretching or a laughing yoga!
  108. Do Karaoke or at least watch it
  109. Do pottery (pottery barn)
  110. Play trivia at different location (
  111. Go and People-watch at the mall, or a party
  112. Get a pedicure or manicure together, better yet, give one to each other…connection is great
  113. Build something together – find free material on
  114. Go to the Kids amusement park at St-laurent/Russel road
  115. Take Dancing lessons, salsa, country 2 step
  116. Attend Wrestling match
  117. Have a first date – pretend you’ve just met (role playing)
  118. Hit golf balls at the driving range
  119. Go paint-balling (could be messy though)
  120. Get a telescope and watch for shooting stars
  121. Do a Paint Night
  122. Go to an art gallery
  123. Go swimming
  124. Skydive – this by the way doesn’t rid your fear of heights, trust me on this, but I would do it again.
  125. Check out a cultural event – like Greek festival (I love their lamb)
  126. Feed the ducks on the canal…not the geese – they poop everywhere
  127. Go bargain hunting at a flea market or second hand store
  128. Try kayaking or canoeing (dows lake)
  129. Go to a drive-in – so much fun when you’re trying to cuddle in the car
  130. Have friends over and have a Water-balloon fight on a hot summer’s day/snowball fight on a cold winter’s day
  131. Go cross country skiing
  132. Do a puzzle to stimulate the brain
  133. Plant a garden (indoor or out)
  134. Play pool or billiards, air hockey
  135. Try Pickle ball – it looks like a blast
  136. Table-tennis – lets hope your partner is not as competitive as mine and likes to hit you with the ball and leave marks…it’s all good. I give as good as I
  137. Have dinner at a nice restaurant and share your dreams and hopes for the future
  138. Dinner and a movie (home or out)
  139. Snuggle each other for an hour – feel connected
  140. Play board games together
  141. Try Kamasutra (RATED PG)


Have a wonderful date night every week and, if you want to share how it helped your relationship, or if you have other dates ideas please share them as I would love to hear it.

Feel free to share it with others. All I ask is that you give credit where credit is due by providing that you received these ideas from that was written by Tina Lalonde.

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