Date night #5 – Screaming my head off and not for the reason you may think

On my bucket list post of 101 things I wanted to do before I died, I wrote that I wanted to have 52 dates with my Man and that I had over 80 date ideas so far. I haven’t tried them all. Right now, I’m just compiling them. The goal is to get 365 dates and try them, but…they don’t have to be all in one year. As long as we are doing something other than watching tv or s…x, yes I want to do those things, but I want to be sure we connect and learn more about each other, than

I decided to start my date project idea and writing about it with number 5 because I know I wrote a few already, but can’t remember which ones and I was writing them on my other website, which I am no longer updating. I am focusing all my fun on La Femme Ottawa because it’s where my heart is. I love talking about things that make me happy like fun things to do, running a part-time business and…saving money any which way I can. I will find the previous ones and post them here, but in the meantime, date #5 is..going on rides and going to watch or rather take part in a hypnotist show at the Ottawa Ex, or at least that’s what it used to be called. It’s now called Ottawa Capital Fair.

The venue is now at the Rideau Carleton Race Track which also became another part of the date, but that’s another story. When we got there, I was surprised to see how small it was compared to when I was there in my 30’s. Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve gone, which is why I wanted to do this as a date and I thought it would be fun to be a kid again. I don’t know when he last did this, but I found out that night that the type of rides I like, spinning and close to the ground are not what he likes. His idea of a ride in Orlando where they are theme parks. I didn’t know they were different, but he gladly explained, that the Ottawa Capital Fair moves from city to city, whereas the theme parks are permanent. It doesn’t move and it takes a full day to explore, if not more, whereas the fair’s took an hour.

OK, so there were about 6 rides we could do, but only 2 of them really interest me, so we bought 12 tickets which cost $21 Capital-Fair-entrance_DSC5035-2(3 tickets per ride/person), which by the way was wayyyy cheaper than a bracelet for 2 people. If you plan to go on all the rides, then you should get the bracelet for next year at the Quickie Convenience Store or online at the Ottawa Capital Fair. It was $20! Now that’s a deal for someone who loves rides. If it wasn’t with him, I would have likely gone on different rides because with girlfriends you act goofy and try different things, but this was our date and I was OK with only 2.

The one I wanted was the spinning one. I can’t remember the name, but you sit together in a cart and it spins in a circle forward and then backwards. The person on the outside edge gets squished because as the ride goes faster, you can’t pull your body to the edge of your seat. I love this part and it makes me laugh. I put my arms up and say “weeeeee” and laugh and he starts laughing at me. I was happy when I got off.

Next part of the date, the hypnotist. I was sooo looking forward to this part of our date. I was hoping to get on stage and get hypnotized. The hypnotist asked who cannot be hypnotised and I pointed at my Man, and he asked him to come up. He introduced my Man and told us he could change his perception and well, he did. Fernandez asked my Man to read out something on a card, but we saw the card before he did and it was definitely not what was coming out of his mouth. It was like he was stuttering (no offence to anyone who stutters) or he couldn’t read (no offence to those who can’t read…wait, if you’re reading this, way to go!!!). One of the words was Education and I think he pronounced it “edmtion”. We were all laughing…it was great because he’s a perfectionist and always in control. I don’t care if he knew what was going on, I loved seeing him this way…vulnerable…He made me laugh and made me feel closer to him.

Next was my turn. The hypnotist asked for volunteers. I raised my hand so high that I think I pulled a muscle from reaching so high. If he missed it, he was blind. So, those that raised their hands went down to the stage and he performed his hypnotic spell on us. I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting…but nothing. He tells us “your getting tired, sleep, etc.”. It wasn’t working, but I didn’t want to make him look bad, so I played along. While I got chosen, I was very sad. I really REALLY wanted to be hypnotised. There was a story I heard about a woman who got hypnotised and every time she shook someone’s hand, she would have an orgasm….HELLLO!!!! Sign me up! I was hoping he would do that, but after looking at the audience, there was no way he could do something like that. There were families with kids. For an area that should accommodate 200+ people, there were maybe 20 people. I know that’s sad, but it might be because…well, he’s not that good. He’s a nice man and an entertainer, but I didn’t want to be up on stage faking it. I wanted to be hypnotised, but I put myself in this situation. If something isn’t working, what would I want someone to do for me to save face.

And finally the last ride of choice, I said that because he let me pick that he can pick the other one, so he suggested the “superman”. When I first saw this ride, it didn’t look that scary. It went in a circle and you were lying on your stomach and it went as high as one of the trees and I was OK, I can do that…but when we got on the ride and it started to move…OH NO, that wasn’t the case. We get strapped in with metal bars and I think “oh they are just being cautious”. Ya, they should be! I was going up what felt like 6 stories in an apartment building, which is f…ing high. It was about 30-40 feet. I screamed so loud that I think everyone in the fair could hear me. Every time it would go up and then, down I would scream more. I ended up crying because I hated the ride so much.  I wanted it to stop and it did. Thank god. When I got off, my Man was laughing at me and saying how loud I screen. HELLOOOO. Im frigging scared of heights! He tried to console me, but I don’t think he understand how really scared I am of heights, well, now he does.

Next part of the date was the horse races inside at the Rideau Carleton Racetrack. We both love the races, but not for the same reasons. I love watching the horses and their names are so cool. One was called “areyoukiddenmemister”. We ordered a drink and read the instructions on how to bet. By the way, there is a process to the betting that I should have learned, but it was just so much fun betting and watching the horses. Well, the last round we stayed for my Man won, or so we thought. We had to wait because there was an enquiry saying that #6 cheated. So, guess what? #6 got disqualified and my Man didn’t winL.

The date night was soooo much fun. I was trying to tell my Man that I made 2 dates in one and he said that it’s still just one. We shall see.

The screaming resulted in the next day my voice being so raspy that I had trouble talking to people. They were looking at me like I had a stripper voice like “ya baby”…yuck! My Man would ask me to repeat and it was driving me crazy. He is still laughing at that day, which is not a bad thing.

Look, if you are having trouble in your relationship, you’re not feeling connected or you have too many things to do, it’s time for date night!!! Get a baby sitter, ask your in-laws, ask your cousins…you need it. If not, you wont’ last and the partner may look elsewhere because they too need attention.

My Man and I commit to doing something no matter what it is once a week and it has to involve doing something physical or talking. I think he would prefer less talking from

If you are looking for date ideas, email me or check out my articles called Dates…I don’t have time for that.

Here’s to your date night and many many more.


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