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Last week I told my man that I would get rid of the clothes, shoes and stuff I haven’t worn or doesn’t fit. Reason is because they are just sitting in a box, but I really liked them and didn’t want to give them up. I thought to myself that someone will buy them, but I wasn’t doing anything to get them sold. Actually, that’s not true. I posted them on Facebook, but maybe the images weren’t the best, but only one of my friends acknowledged. That’s not what I was hoping for.  In any case, I went for a walk today during my lunch hour and saw a cute little consignment store (Second Glance). I remembered my coach Christine telling me about it and that they had reasonable prices and good stuff. So stopped in and sure enough, they had really cute items and very reasonably priced, but as I looked at the labels, they said Jones New York, Zara or Jacob. So, my negative ego said “don’t ask, she’s going to say no”, but my other side, the intuition or what my coach calls “the whisper”. She was telling me “just ask….just ask…you have nothing to lose”. So I did. I asked Paula Norton, the owner for her business card, and asked if she only sold brand labels and..she said “no, we sell everything.” I told her about my situation about having bought clothing online but the sizes were not correct.

I pointed at my top I was wearing and she said to bring them in as they will likely sell fast. Sorry for the bad photo. I was trying to do this with a Nokia and well, the phone doesn’t take the best images, and…I need a selfie stick to be able to take photos of myself while doing things like selling items.  I then asked Paula and her team if there was a trick to getting creases out without having to iron because the clothing has been in bags that were shipped and also in the boxes. Her employee replied “you don’t have to, I’m the ironer.” Say Whaaat??? Turns out they iron and…they use their own hangers. So, I don’t have to do anything. Talk about amazing service and everything I wanted. Oh and she said “we don’t do bookings. Just come in when you can, except on Thursday and Saturday because those are our busiest days.” Not a problem because most of the times that other places accepted drop offs, I wasn’t able. Talk about a win-win.

I am SUPER happy because

1) I am doing what I promised my man I would do i.e. get rid of stuff,

2) not just getting rid of stuff, but selling it to someone who will appreciate them as much as I do, and

3) making some of my money back which will go directly into my savings for retirement. It’s not going to be much, but hey, it would have been $0.00 if I didn’t start.

Moral or purpose of the story is, if you are trying to grow your business or make room for other things in your life, you have to be willing to let go of the past so that your future can move in. Let go of the clothes that no longer fit. Give them to someone else who will wear them with pride. Sign up for that coaching program, knowing that full-well you will make that money back that you paid for it.

Stay tuned to June 30th to see how much I made.


P.S. I’m trying to track to see how long it takes to write a blog and this one took 30 minutes. So, if you’re looking to create a business and will need to write blogs/stories for it, take note that the average time it takes a newbie is about 25 – 35 minutes.

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