I did my first public speech

Talk about Nerve racking. I had practiced for 2 months almost everyday. I was at the gym on the treadmill and I would be reading my speech. I would be walking outside and…reading my speech. Last weekend, my man and I went to Syracuse for the weekend and I read my speech while he was driving. I should have it memorized by now, right?

The night of the event I get there early as suggested by the organizer Linda Babulic, who is in this pic with me on the left.

I didn’t know who was going to be speaking first as she was only going to tell us that night. Well, I was the first. I was thinking, man, I wish i was second or something, but then another speaker said to look at it that you don’t have to worry about being better, you are the first..or something like that. And I thought, ya, she’s right. So, I accepted to be first and boy was I glad because…it was nerve racking. To think if I had to wait for others to get up there and see how much better they are then me? All I can say is I am glad I was first.

I start to speak and guess what? After practicing almost DAILY…I forgot parts. Come on!!! I practiced for 2 months!!! Well, I tried to remember as much as I could and, I think I did OK. I am just waiting to see what the video looks like, but they haven’t posted it yet.

I said in my speech that to get what you want in life you have to push through your fear. Well, here’s me pushing. I did my first speech, now I have to PUSH through my frigging procrastination to get my memoir book done. Why is it taking me so long???

Here’s to those who are trying to push through their fear of public speaking. I have one word of advice…do it for you..not for them! If you do it for you, at least you will be proud of you. There will be people who will not say positive things and that’s OK. Its just who they are. Just be YOU!



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Cheap CHEAP Gas in Ottawa and Gatineau

I don’t know about you, but I am finding the gas prices vary from place to place, and whats worse they are not the same prices for the same company i.e. Petro, Ultramar, etc. I paid $1.20 at Petro Canada on Friday, only to find out that another Petro had it at $1.18.  I don’t think that’s right. I know they are franchises, but…you don’t see Subway charging different prices for their sandwiches if you buy it downtown versus Barhaven.

If you want me to be loyal to you, then why are you not loyal and honest with me? 

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on gas and you’re not a loyal fan of a particular company, I found 2 websites that list the prices in town. They also have apps you can download your cell phone. One is for Ottawa and the other lists places in Gatineau.

I know for sure that I WON’T be going to the Petro Canada at Bank and Walkley anymore because…they are one of the most expensive. Grrrr!
Here’s to helping you save a bit of money.
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