Updated – I have 136 things on my bucket list, do you?

NOTE: This is just to let you know I’ve updated my bucket list with things I’ve accomplished. I’m back to having some fun:)

Also, this is NOT for children!

the_bucket_list_movie_poster_onesheetDo you remember the GREAT movie the Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? I do and it gave me a kick in the pants to make changes.

Is there a list of things you’ve been wanting to do, but never really wrote them down and forgot about them. Then, all of a sudden you ran into someone who talked about a painting class they took and how much fun it was, or maybe you ran into a fun party friend who told you she (you know who you are…lol) she makes homemade wine, and you suddenly remembered these were things you wanted to do. Well, why aren’t you doing them? For me, it was because I put the list aside and forgot about them, but I am reading a book from Jack Canfield called The Success Principles – How to get from where you are to where you want to be. One of the exercises in the book is to write out 101 lists of things you want to do before you die. Well, I went to town on this list, but at one point I couldn’t get past 30. I won’t tell you how to do it. You can get that from the book as it’s really a good book and, you can get it for free from the public library. Ya, they still exist and…FREE books. The best part I like about the library is it forces me to read the book from start to finish in 3 weeks or else if I don’t bring it back in time, I pay a fine PER DAY! No thanks.

Here’s my list and there are now 136 I think and counting.

REMEMBER…this is before you die. NOT get it done in a week.

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Do you want a make over? I know I do

Do you have any plans on Saturday, October 1st?

Do you have little me time to pamper yourself?

Or, maybe you have an event to go to and need a little help.

Well, I just got informed by my new friend Teri McCoy from  Digital Oyster that there is something wonderful going on.  Pamper Me is doing an event for Cancer. The event is called Pamper me for Breast Cancer. I don’t want to spoil it, so click on the link above to see what treats you will get that day:)


Go out and pamper yourself and…why not support a great cause at the same time.

Have a fabulous time.



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Are you looking for a new career?

Don’t be afraid to close the door!


Has this ever happened to you. You’ve been applying for jobs, any jobs in fact. As long as it’s higher than what you are doing right now. Well, that was me. I had been applying to all these AS-02 or As-03 in the government. I got 5 REJECTION letters in 2 months! Not a very good feeling. They said I didn’t meet the requirements and what I said to myself “what the f….are you kidding me!!! I am OVER QUALIFIED!” There were some jobs that I really really wanted, but because I didn’t fill out the details the way they wanted it, I got screened out. I was getting depressed because I KNEW I was skilled and could do any of the jobs I had applied to, but why was it that I was not being considered. So, my ego was taking a beating. I was starting to feel not good enough. I started thinking maybe I should just be grateful for the job I had, which I was, but I knew I was meant to do something more, better and make a difference.

Well, one day I got a call from one of departments that I had applied to over a year ago asking me if I was still interested. Are you kidding? Of course I was still interested, which I told them YES. They had a position working for a top senior person and that I would be one of the assistance, taking care of paper work, travel claims, greeting people as they come to meet my boss. The job didn’t sound too exciting, but it was a permanent and higher then where I was.

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3 Things you need to write a blog for your business

I found a great image from furman.edu that asked Do you love or do you hate writing.

Do You Love or Hate Writing?
Do You Love or Hate Writing?

Are you considering starting a business, or maybe you already have one, but you’re finding the writing hard. Well, it’s not hard at all, but it’s a bit of work. You need to have a plan and I’m going to show you 3 things I did to help me come up with my blog articles.

This is how some of you probably feel. Maybe you’ve been told you don’t write well. Were you an average writer in school? Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to listen to those people because….they are not who you are writing for. You are a writer. You’re just not an academic writer and sorry, who wants to be one of them. Not me. Sorry if I offended anyone, but theory for me is soooooo dry.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my mentors to help me come up with ideas for writing.

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