Dates…I don’t have time for that

Does your day look like this….

You’re a mom or dad, or you have a partner you have to get the kids ready, make the lunches, you have to start the laundry before your day starts, make the beds, clean the dishes, vacuum or clean the house…and you have to go to a job where you work full time, and trying to find time in between to kiss your partner or make you know what loooove:)

You’re exhausted right? Well, I don’t have kids, so I am not as exhausted, but I’m already exhausted, but I have a different life. Here’s my day: Make coffee, prep lunches for us, read meal ideas, read training for business that I run, , write articles for blog, try to be intimate, watch tv because that’s all I have the energy to give.

Well, if you either of these, you really need a date night with your partner.

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Date night #5 – Screaming my head off and not for the reason you may think

On my bucket list post of 101 things I wanted to do before I died, I wrote that I wanted to have 52 dates with my Man and that I had over 80 date ideas so far. I haven’t tried them all. Right now, I’m just compiling them. The goal is to get 365 dates and try them, but…they don’t have to be all in one year. As long as we are doing something other than watching tv or s…x, yes I want to do those things, but I want to be sure we connect and learn more about each other, than

I decided to start my date project idea and writing about it with number 5 because I know I wrote a few already, but can’t remember which ones and I was writing them on my other website, which I am no longer updating. I am focusing all my fun on La Femme Ottawa because it’s where my heart is. I love talking about things that make me happy like fun things to do, running a part-time business and…saving money any which way I can. I will find the previous ones and post them here, but in the meantime, date #5 is..going on rides and going to watch or rather take part in a hypnotist show at the Ottawa Ex, or at least that’s what it used to be called. It’s now called Ottawa Capital Fair.

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I lost everythining on my computer!!!

blue screen

Has this happened to you? You’re working the night before on a story for your website or maybe you were surfing the net. You’re not thinking anything and go to bed only to wake up to your computer not working? Here’s my story of what happened last week. I got up on Saturday morning looking forward to write another story, but I need my coffee first. So, I poor myself a nice cup of coffee and when to my office to turn on the computer and…BAM!!! Blue screen of death. My computer died. I tried to reboot it SEVERAL times, but it wouldn’t start up. I unplugged it as that was one of the words I think it said on the screen before it really died, and still no change.  When the computer does come back on the words on the screen say “unmountable boot volume”. What’s going on. I just got the screen replaced the week before because I somehow dropped it and it cracked. By the way, you can easily replace the screen yourself once you buy a new one from a computer store. Save yourself $100 on installation fees.

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Recipe with chicken and peanut butter

OK, I haven’t been in the mood to cook or even go surfing for recipes, but I had a chicken breast that I didn’t want to go to waste. So, I searched online and found a few Asian recipes, but I didn’t have all the ingredients. However, if you’ve seen from my website I like to modify and use what I have in the house.

Here’s what my version of Peanut Thai chicken pasta salad looks like and the ingredients I had on hand.


1 chicken breast

1/4 box of gluten free pasta

2 tbl spoon of thai paste

1 tbl spoon of ginger (now I have to go out and buy a new jar. I love this stuff)

3 radishes

3 baby carrots

1/4 red onion

1 big scoop of peanut butter, but next time I wouldn’t put so much

1 tsp sesame oil.

Here’s the original recipe link that I found. You can see the instructions that I used here too.

Hope you save money and have fun with this recipe.

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Did my veggies last 5 days with clear bags?

If you recall a week ago, I tried these bags called Stay Fresh. They were suppose to keep my veggies and fruits fresh for up to 10 days. Well, after 4 days, here’s what the banana’s look like. I also tried it with herbs cilantro and mint, and well….no good either.

overripe bananas       old mint

I’m not giving up. I’m going to try the green containers next to see if that works. Something has to work to keep my veggies for at least 5 days…pleeeeeease.

If you have something that works, please let me know in the comments as I think we ALL would like to know the secret:).

Have a wonderful evening.

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DYI – Saved $100 on my hair colouring at the salon

OK, so I’m a bit frugal because…well, I don’t like to pay a lot for someone to cut my hair or colour it. I know it costs money to rent the space, the products, the furniture, but I don’t believe it should cost $110 to get a cut and colour, which was bad hair diemy experience last summer. I told myself that I would never pay that again because I hated the cut and style. Others liked it, but I didn’t and went back to have him fix it so that I looked like me.

The hard part of dying the hair was making sure I didn’t get it all over my skin and the floor. As you can see here, that didn’t exactly work out as planned. To top it off, when the man got home he saw the stains on the floor before he saw my hair color. So, he was a bit sad, but no biggy. I found a great product that takes the stains out.

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My veggies and herbs get moldy after 2 days and how I made them last over a week


I am always trying to come up with healthy ways to eat because I have a sensitive stomach. OK OK I have Irrit


able Bo

wl Syndrome (IBS).  What that means is if I eat something that doesn’t agree with my stomach…I can

make people leave a room…he he. Because when I fart…yes I said fart…it stinks so bad. Sorry to all those who have had to experience this, but thanks for sticking aroun

d and still wanting to be in my life:)…lol

While I’m playing with new recipes, I buy lots of different fruits and veggies. However, sometimes I don’t feel like cooking and well, they don’t last and my food goes bad. This doesn’t help me with saving money, but I found something that states it will keep my food fresher longer.

It’s called Stay Fresh.

Stay fresh bagsI bought it at Giant Tiger for $1.99. I bought it a month ago, but now is the time to see if it works.  I am going to test the bags with herbs and veggies that I am buying this week and will take photos of them when i start.

I also found an article from CTV that talks about green bags. Check it out.

If you’ve tried the bags, please let me now in the comments below how it worked out and what did you do to ensure they stayed fresh.

Here’s to saving money and…having fun.




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