My writing has hit a BRICK wall

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Have you ever thought you wanted something so bad only to realise you didn’t want to do it anymore? Well, that’s me right now with my book. I have been writing for over a year now and love writing my stories, but when I started taking the training on how to write my book, it started out great. I was learning how to formulate it, coming up with topic sections because I was struggling with it, but then it got into how to promote your book. I wasn’t ready for that. I wanted to be sure I was on the right path. I was assuming they were going to review and provide feedback on a chapter, but they continued on the following week and it was about revising the stories and sending them out for review to 5 different people for each chapter, oh and it needs to be done in 90 days. WOW, I started to panic and then lost my MOJO interest for writing the book. I hit a wall!  Everything I was working towards, all of a sudden was stopped. My fitness plan for walking/running or working out – STOPPED! My making dates with my man…STOPPED. Spending time with my friends – STOPPED! Cleaning up my office..STOPPED! I was feeling overwhelmed. All because the book was no longer fun and had too many tight deadlines. I was no longer enjoying my writing, which was what the point of writing, to enjoy and tell stories.

I convinced my man to take a vacation south while I was taking this book writing training. I just needed to get away and he found us an amazing deal to St.Lucia. So, we got the time off and off we went. I was so relaxed and had so much fun. We saw a volcano, went on a catamaran, did snorkeling and so many more things. Then, it came time to come back home, and I was feeling anxious again. It’s like I never went on that trip. I wanted that fun feeling back, but I knew I had to get back to preparing for my workshops and finish revising and promoting my book.  I met with my awesome friend and energy coach Christine, and she gave me some good advice. She suggested that maybe I should book the book idea on hold for now, and write blogs instead of focussing so much on my stories being a book. She asked if I liked writing and I do, and I also enjoy motivating people, which was why I wanted to write the book. So, that I would have a tool to use when I speak at events. She suggested that I continue writing my stories, but with the lessons or action plan on my blog. Wow, that just made all the anxious feeling go away.  She said one word that stood out. RESET! That’s it. I needed to reset, not start over, but change directions as to what I really wanted.

I just remembered my counselor saying…”don’t worry about the book, it will happen. Just keep writing”.  I did it again, I want the project to be done, so I start to rush through things, but when it gets to the part where I have to verify, I get antsy and just don’t want to do it, so I procrastinate on everything else. I want to move on to the next project, instead of just enjoying the process of writing. The book will get published when it’s time and not before. My life journey is unfolding and the book is just that…my journey.

What’s the message in hear for you?

If you have a project you’re working on and no longer enjoying it, like writing a book, doing your taxes, researching information for your website, or maybe sewing a dress for a client, take a break from it. Just give it a few days rest, or however long you need, but not too long, or it will be hard to come back. During that time, go and do something fun for yourself. NO ONE ELSE. Just you. Your head and heart might be telling you “we need fun”. If it’s something you have to do for a client i.e. they are paying for it, you have 3 choices: 1) contact them client to ask for an extension, 2) set time aside to get it done so you can get paid, or 3) hire someone else with the necessary skills and have them do it. It doesn’t always have to be you doing the work. After the project is complete, ask yourself if it’s something you enjoy doing. If it’s not, you should not advertise these services or if you do, sub-contract them out.

My weakness is revising things. I love creating instructional guides to use for teaching, but I hate having to revise them to make sure of spelling and the flow. It takes away from my creativity. So, I hire or barter out this part of my work. This way, I am still productive, but it’s not draining on me.

What ways do you use to move your project forward, or are what fun thing are you going to do to take care of yourself? Please write your comments so we can all help one another.

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My Car needs a B1?

My car needs a B-1….Bingo! Wait, that’s not it. That’s a bingo call:)

What the heck’s a B1?

In a previous article, you read that I paid $100 for a pho soup, but it was actually for a parking ticket. Well, the update is I didn’t pay that. I fought the ticket and got it reduced to $50, but my day got worse when I brought the card to the mechanic.
A B1 is a car tune up that includes an oil change, tire rotation, 50 point break inspection. They tell me it’s going to be $223.yikes! Well, it has to be done, so I signed the paper. Yes, they make you sing the paper to show you agreed to the price.  Then ½ hour later the young guy comes back and had to get someone else to tell me the bad news that my breaks needed to be replaced. Now the total would be $800…Are you f…ing kidding me. I finally have enough savings to take a trip with the man and now this!!!
Funny car breaking down
I found this image doing a search on car breaking down. Sorry, don’t know the reference, but if you do, please send it to me so i can update.
Well, the employee was kind enough to offer me 10% off the bill, but that’s still a lot.
What’s the lesson here? Stop worrying about money, do some research before you agree to the bill, maintain the vehicle and be financially prepared that it will cost you $600 – 1200$ a year to maintain your car. So, START SAVINGS so there are no surprisesL I now need to work out a new plan to put that money back for our cruise trip. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.


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My $100 pho soup

I bet you’re thinking I’m crazy. Well, I thought so too when I got the bill, but it’s not the bill you think.
I was having a rough day last week and was exhausted. So when I feel like crap, I like to eat pho soup because it makes me feel good. So, I drove 2o minutes to go and eat at my favorite place, only to see there is a sign saying they are CLOSED for a WEEK!!! I eat pho once a week, so this made me sad, but…I needed pho soup.  So I went to try a different restaurant just up the street. It was a nice ambiance. Much more modern than my old favorite places, but…the service is slowwww. Picture this, I am the only person in the restaurant. I assume she’s going to check on me to see if I’m ready to order. Nope. She’s on her cell phone. I had to pop my head out and put the menu at the end of the table so that she could see me move.
When I got my meal it was really good, a bit saltier than I like, but I would definitely go back.  When I was taking out my wallet, a sign caught my attention. I could hardly read that it said cash only. That might explain why not a lot of people at 6:00pm…dinner time. Thank god I had money, but they also had a debit machine. However, if you know of those machines, they charge $2.00 or MORE to take out money, plus your bank charges you $2.00. I have been trying to take out at least $20 a week to be sure I have cash on me. Thank god I had cash that day.
no stopping
OK, so you’re probably wondering where the $100 comes from, well, it’s from a parking ticket!!! I parked in front of the restaurant where there was a supposedly no stopping sign. If you look at the street sign I highlighted in yellow, you will see 3 signs. WTF would they put 3 signs. Why couldn’t they just put a post NO PARKING HERE! I was exhausted that day so I read the first one of meter parking and the last one that showed an arrow to not park behind where I parked. Well, that’s what happens you’re tired. You don’t read things right.
If  I was the owner or the person that worked there (hint hint), I would maybe suggested to the patrons if they are parked there to move so they don’t get a $100 ticket! Even though the food was good, I won’t likely go back because I am going to be reminded of the ticket…Nah, I’ll still go, but I will mention it to the owner about the parking and to ask the patrons about where they parked. After all, you don’t want to have angry clients, even if you didn’t do it.
I know it’s my fault and I am taking responsibility to pay it, but I don’t have to be happy with it. I think it’s a ridiculous price to not park there.
What was the lesson that day? Focus, pay attention to things around you and to stop worrying about money because money will keep disappearing. Oh that is so true. I got another bill the next day for something else. To see what happened, read my article “My car needs a B-1….Bingo!”


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