How to make FREE invoices in 5 minutes or less

I am selling the book I wrote called “Turn your cottage into money” and needed to have an invoice, but I wasn’t sure what to put on it and I didn’t really want to set it up. So, I naturally searched Google and found Vortex42. They have a TON of forms to help you with your business. One of them I used is the invoice template. It worked great and very easy to use.

Here’s one I just did for a realtor. Click on the link: Realtor-invoice


Try it and send me a link to what you used.

Good luck and have fun growing your business.


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How to get stuff done when you have too many things to do

How to get stuff done when you have too many things to do

Are you feeling that you have so much to do, but not enough time? You have a full-time job and you are trying to run a part-time business. Maybe you have a family and you need to help with homework, or you have to get dinner ready. And let’s not forget house cleaning, and getting groceries. YOU JUST CAN’T DO IT ALL! Or can you? If you can, you are SUPERWOMAN and I bow to you. But for those who are like me and can’t, here’s my suggestion to help you get through it.

STOP! Take a breath. Breathe in and out sloooooowly. I know you feel like you don’t have time to slow down, but ask yourself this “do I feel like I’m getting things done or just too tired to do anything?”  So again, I am asking you to Breath in deep and breath out sloooooowly. turtleDo like the turtle at my cottage does..walks like no one is in a hurray. So, you have to go around him, but I stop and smile at him because it’s a reminder to me too. Now, we can talk.

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I’m overwhelmed with everything I have to do

pexels-photoCan you relate to how I’m feeling?  I’m trying to grow my business, but I’m working full-time and then when I do have some free time, I’m told I need to write an article or a blog and post it on my website and tell EVERYONE I know, then go out and network with people but what happens if you don’t these types of events i.e. dancing or just talking to strangers, and when I do meet people I have to try and get them to become clients. Don’t forget when you get home, make dinner, clean the house, take care of the dog, the kids and the man! Arrrg:( I feel exhausted just thinking about this. What happens for me when I feel like this I get paralyzed and don’t want to do anything. Do you get that way too?  Well don’t worry, I have found a solution and I’m going to share it with you.

Step 1 – chunk it down.

I met with my Coach Christine and I gave her a list of things we need to do to grow my business and she said “it’s A LOT!” I knew that to mean, she won’t do all of So, I asked her to give me some suggestions to how I can make it more manageable and she broke the tasks into manageable chunks. So, instead of having a list of 42 things to do, I now have 5 things to do to grow my business. For example:

  1. The Plan
    • Write a 1 page business plan (goals) to identify why you want to run your own business. what does it look like (vision board) and how will you keep with your goals on those tough days (affirmations), etc.
  2. Action Steps to get growing
    • create 5 pages for my new website, find fun images to add to it, brainstorm ideas of things I can write about, etc.
  3. Spread the word
    • create an elevator pitch to use when meeting new people (networking and having fun)
  4. Check in
    • schedule each of these tasks, but also check after each month what happened i.e. did i get more prospects, what event had more of my ideal clients or people who could refer them to me, check my 1 page business plan to see if i’m on target and if not what do I need to do to get back there i.e. remember why I’m running a business (vision board).


Home…not so sweet home

Here’s my suggestions to help with the house chores and finding ways to reduce time and money.


  • let your partner and kids know that you’re feeling overwhelmed and ask if they could help with the chores. I’m amazed when I ask nicely how he does things for me, even at times without asking.
  • or do what I do and call a cleaning to come and clean at least once a month. I am SUPER happy when she does and….my man gets more loving wife because of it.

Meal preppingfood-salad-restaurant-person

  • this could be fun, but also time consuming. I look on Pinterest to find 7 day meal plans, then I prep at least 3 breakfasts & lunches and snacks and dinner we do each night because we like to eat  fresh, actually he likes it more fresh than me, but he does the BBQ, so I don’t say anything:)

For me, chunking things down and asking for help has been a huge relief because I can now feel more relaxed and  I have to remind myself that I don’t have to do it all, and it doesn’t have to get done right now.

Let me know what happens, and if you have other ideas please share. The more ideas we have, the more we can help each other eliminate or reduce the overwhelm.


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